OFFICIAL RESULTS: 3rd Congressional District Republican Straw Poll!

Source: Jerry Cooper Vice Chair, Cowlitz County Republican Central Committee

The official results are in for the 3rd Congressional District Straw Poll that was conducted by the Cowlitz County Republicans from April 12th to April 23rd. Joe Kent is the runaway preferred candidate among straw poll voters, garnering 87% of the total vote! While straw poll results are in no way definitive of how the Primary Election will go, it is clearly evident that early Republican voters are motivated in favor of Joe Kent. There was excellent participation by Republicans both inside and outside Cowlitz County, with voters representing six of the seven counties within the 3rd Congressional District. Nearly 44 percent of those participating came from outside Cowlitz County, most all of which were Joe Kent supporters.

Total No. of VotesCowlitz

Jaime Herrera-Beutler4311.21.60.7 
Joe Kent29516013587.083.891.2
Heidi St. John3728910.914.76.1
Leslie French0000.00.00.0
Matthew Overton0000.00.00.0
Vicki Kraft3030.90.02.0
Joe Kent
Candidate Joe Kent